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Neurodiversity in the Mainstream News | Neurodiversity News

With Steve Silberman’s NeuroTribes having been released in 2015, it seems that the Neurodiversity Movement had reached a new chapter in its development. As a result, the concept of neurodiversity has slowly permeated into the mainstream media. A great piece of evidence that proves that notion is Lilia Luciano’s article (and video accompanying it), “Adults with Autism: […]

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The man who wants us to embrace autism | Circa August 29, 2015

Fifteen years ago, when Steve Silberman broke the story of Silicon Valley’s autism ‘epidemic’, he saw it as a problem. Now he’s changed his mind and has published a book about understanding and accepting autism spectrum disorders Sat 29 Aug 2015 02.15 EDT Fifteen years ago, Steve Silberman was working as a journalist for Wired magazine in […]

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Snapshot | Google Alerts – Autism | Circa December 19, 2011

News8 new results for autism   Are you Autistic? Maybe, but Probably Not.FuturehealthBy Tsara Shelton (about the author) For the holidays I would love to spread a little understanding and a few autism answers. I have recently been surprised by the ongoing rumor that autism is sometimes just an excuse for bratty kids or bad parenting. …See all stories on this topic » […]

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Interview: Steve Silberman | Neurodiversity News

Neurodiversity News: Tell me about yourself and what you do. Steve Silberman: I am a writer. I wrote for Wired Magazine for a very long time as a science reporter. About five years ago, I published a very in-depth history of autism and neurodiversity called NeuroTribes. Unexpectedly, it became a bestseller and is now out in […]

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George Boardman: Nevada City’s mayor a clear and present danger to businesses |

  At a time when COVID-19 cases are surging in California and places like Nevada City are trying to reassure the public it is safe to patronize local merchants, you would expect public officials to encourage responsible behavior by the public. Then there are the likes of soon-to-be ex-Mayor Reinette Senum, who used her Facebook […]

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Is surgically altering an autistic boy’s voice cruel or kind? | | Circa September 28, 2013

A controversial surgery to reduce screaming draws critics — but the boy’s doctor says it’s to help him MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 12:58AM (UTC) Two years ago, Vicki Hanegraaf’s son Kade was, as Dr. Seth Dailey wrote in his medical case report last March, “a 14-year-old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder and vocal tics.” […]

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Back From Retirement … JB Handley Quacks Again. | #QuackWatch

Guess who’s back, back again JB Handley’s back, tell a friend Guess who’s back, guess who’s quack OMG it’s JB Handley. Out of retirement (and avoiding journalists on the exposure of Generation Rescue practices … oopsie) is the Mercury Militia Prince of Quacks, Andrew Wakefield worshipper and all around blowhard … (fun fact: first time […]